Saturday, March 29, 2014

I hear wedding bells ...

Perhaps it is because Spring is in the air, although you would never know it here in Rochester NY. It is a time when we all get just a little bit encouraged that nicer times are just around the corner. It is a welcome time of year for many of us. The temperature starts to warm up. We begin to see flower buds getting ready to emerge from a long winter's sleep.
Just maybe this is a time of inspiration, especially for young couples that have fallen in love. I happen to know of just such a couple. There names are Nick & Sae. Nick is currently stationed in Japan and is serving a stint in the U.S. Navy. It is there that Nick met the very beautiful Sae. Just like Spring is in the air here, so is love in these young people's hearts.

Nick's dad, John had already hired us to photograph their daughter Adrienne's wedding which will take place this August of 2014. However one problem lurked in the shadows. Nick, brother of Adrienne, was not scheduled to be here in the U.S. in August. He would not be able to attend his own sisters wedding. John quickly approached Stochl Imaging asking that we procure a photo of Nick prior to the August wedding. In this way we could digitally place him at the scene of the above wedding as if he were actually there along with his own bride to be, Sae.
It is then that the engagement wheels began to turn. We thought, why not do an engagement shoot of Nick and Sae while I was to photograph Nick anyway.

As fate would have it, Nick and Sae were to arrive in the U.S. in late March of this year, 2014, for a brief family visit. It was also Nick's intention to introduce, at this time, his future bride to his eagerly awaiting parents. John and Ann were indeed very much looking forward to meeting the lovely Sae. She is indeed a very beautiful lady, as is Nick a handsome young man. The more I photographed this loving couple, the more I thought they could have a career in modeling. They were also great to work with. Sae has a lovely smile and is most patient with pesky photographers. Nick was a lot of fun, especially when Nick and I (Canon camera users) would tease his dad, John regarding his association with the "dark side" .. a Nikon user !!! Easy now Nikon users .. I was only kidding.

So on that fateful afternoon of March 27th, we welcomed Nick and Sae into our newly constructed home studio. The bulk of the time was spent posing the future newlyweds in front of one of my favorite portrait backgrounds. For you photography buffs, I used a four studio light system, including a key (main) light, a fill light, a background light and a hair/accent light. It truly helps to sculpt the faces of the couple, adding texture and depth to the photo. The background light helps to separate them from the background. The camera had already been exposure and color profiled for accuracy. If you are curious, I used a Canon 6d with WiFi which enabled me to send the photos instantly to a tablet for previewing. It is why I choose to use this over my 5dMarkIII in the studio.

Everyone involved were very happy with the photos that we captured. I do believe Nick and Sae had a fun time doing it. They were certainly good sports about the whole process. I certainly enjoyed working with this wonderful young couple. I also find working with younger folks helps me to think young too. It is when I look in the mirror in the morning that I quickly realize .. I really, really need to work with more young people !!!

If you are interested, please head over to my website to see a few more of the engagement photos of Nick and Sae. We can be found at:
Look under Galleries .. Wedding samples.

In addition I have posted a brief sampling on my business facebook page.